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Welcome to LifeMigrations

March 30, 2014

Welcome to LifeMigrations Coaching & Consulting

Organizations, networks and coalitions in the non-profit sector are committed to a journey of service, adding value and offering vital benefits to individuals and communities along the way.

The milestones of this journey include:

  • A passion to serve,
  • A clear and compelling mission,
  • A team of staff and volunteers with shared purpose,
  • A strategic plan to fulfill the mission,
  • Resources to implement the strategic plan, and
  • A Board of Directors / Steering Team to guide the enterprise

The mission of LifeMigrations is to promote healthy communities by designing and facilitating meetings, events and planning processes – that produce strategic results – for mission-driven leaders, teams, organizations, networks and coalitions.

Core Offerings

  • Board and staff retreats
  • Strategic meetings, events and initiatives
  • Leadership development and team building activities

Contact John Engel, Principal of LifeMigrations

  • Schedule a free introductory consultation today
  • Receive a sample Scope of Service Agreement
  • Speak with clients about the benefits of working with John Engel

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