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John Engel believes that non-profit leaders, teams, organizations, networks and coalitions serve as important agents of social change, enhancing people and planet.

John facilitates social change by designing and facilitating processes that:

  • Illuminate blind-spots and assumptions in order to create insightful awareness,
  • Engage diverse stakeholders to promote whole system perspective,
  • Create shared vision and goals to produce focused results,
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities to enhance productivity,
  • Produce guidelines and agreements to foster accountability, and
  • Build trust and relationships to increase collaboration.

John’s 25 years of professional experience include founding roles for two non-profit organizations, strategic planning for community building and education initiatives, facilitation of experiential outdoor education programs for graduate students and corporate leaders, and teaching and advising for graduate student leadership programs at both Prescott College and Naropa University.

John holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Ecopsychology. John lives with his wife and two young children in Florence, MA.

John also promote’s public and private conversations about fatherhood as the director of The Fatherhood Journey. To learn more, visit


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